Name Section info
chsh 1 chsh — change your login shell Synopsis chsh [ −s shell ] [−l] [−h] [−v] [username] DESCRIPTION chsh is used to
arch 1 arch — print machine hardware name (same as uname -m) Synopsis arch [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION Print machine architecture.
b2sum 1 b2sum — compute and check BLAKE2 message digest Synopsis b2sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check BLAKE2 (512
base32 1 base32 — base32 encode/decode data and print to standard output Synopsis base32 [OPTION...] [FILE] DESCRIPTION Base32 e
base64 1 base64 — base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output Synopsis base64 [OPTION...] [FILE] DESCRIPTION Base64 e
basename 1 basename — strip directory and suffix from filenames Synopsis basename NAME [SUFFIX] basename OPTION... NAME...
basenc 1 basenc — Encode/decode data and print to standard output Synopsis basenc [OPTION...] [FILE] DESCRIPTION basenc encode o
cal 1 cal — display a calendar Synopsis cal [options] [ [ [day] month ] year ] cal [options] [ timestamp | monthname ]
cat 1 cat — concatenate files and print on the standard output Synopsis cat [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Concatenate FIL
chcon 1 chcon — change file security context Synopsis chcon [OPTION...] CONTEXT FILE... chcon [OPTION...] [ −u USER ] [ −r ROLE ] [ −l RANGE ]
chfn 1 chfn — change your finger information Synopsis chfn [ −f full−name ] [ −o office ] [ −p office−phone ] [ −h home−phone ] [−u] [−
chgrp 1 chgrp — change group ownership Synopsis chgrp [OPTION...] GROUP FILE... chgrp [OPTION...] −−reference=RFILE FILE...
chmod 1 chmod — change file mode bits Synopsis chmod [OPTION...] MODE[,MODE]... FILE... chmod [OPTION...] OCTAL−MODE FILE...
choom 1 choom — display and adjust OOM-killer score. Synopsis choom −p pid choom −p pid −n number choom −n number comm
chown 1 chown — change file owner and group Synopsis chown [OPTION...] [OWNER][:[GROUP]] FILE... chown [OPTION...] −−reference=RFILE FILE...
chroot 1 chroot — run command or interactive shell with special root directory Synopsis chroot [OPTION] NEWROOT [ COMMAND [ARG...] ] chroot OPT
chrt 1 chrt — manipulate the real-time attributes of a process Synopsis chrt [options] priority command [ argument... ] chrt [options
cksum 1 cksum — checksum and count the bytes in a file Synopsis cksum [FILE...] cksum [OPTION] DESCRIPTION Prin
col 1 col — filter reverse line feeds from input Synopsis col [options] DESCRIPTION col filters out reverse (and half-reverse
colrm 1 colrm — remove columns from a file Synopsis colrm [ first [last] ] DESCRIPTION colrm removes selected columns from a fi
colcrt 1 colcrt — filter nroff output for CRT previewing Synopsis colcrt [options] [ file... ] DESCRIPTION colcrt provid
column 1 column — columnate lists Synopsis column [options] [ file... ] DESCRIPTION The column utility formats its input
comm 1 comm — compare two sorted files line by line Synopsis comm [OPTION...] FILE1 FILE2 DESCRIPTION Compare sorted files FILE1 and
coreutils 1 coreutils — single binary for coreutils programs Synopsis coreutils −−coreutils−prog=PROGRAM_NAME [PARAMETERS...] DES
cp 1 cp — copy files and directories Synopsis cp [OPTION...] [−T] SOURCE DEST cp [OPTION...] SOURCE... DIRECTORY cp [OPTI
csplit 1 csplit — split a file into sections determined by context lines Synopsis csplit [OPTION...] FILE PATTERN... DESCRIPTION
cut 1 cut — remove sections from each line of files Synopsis cut OPTION... [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print selected parts of lines from
date 1 date — print or set the system date and time Synopsis date [OPTION...] [+FORMAT] date [ −u | −−utc | −−universal ] [MMDDhhmm[[CC]Y
dd 1 dd — convert and copy a file Synopsis dd [OPERAND...] dd OPTION DESCRIPTION Copy a file, converting and
df 1 df — report file system disk space usage Synopsis df [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION This manual page documents the GNU ver
dir 1 dir — list directory contents Synopsis dir [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION List information about the FILEs (the current di
dircolors 1 dircolors — color setup for ls Synopsis dircolors [OPTION...] [FILE] DESCRIPTION Output commands to set the LS_COLORS environ
dirname 1 dirname — strip last component from file name Synopsis dirname [OPTION] NAME... DESCRIPTION Output each NAME with its last no
dmesg 1 dmesg — print or control the kernel ring buffer Synopsis dmesg [options] dmesg --clear dmesg −−read−clear [optio
echo 1 echo — display a line of text Synopsis echo [SHORT−OPTION...] [STRING...] echo LONG−OPTION DESCRI
du 1 du — estimate file space usage Synopsis du [OPTION...] [FILE...] du [OPTION...] −−files0−from=F DESCRIP
eject 1 eject — eject removable media Synopsis eject [options] device | mountpoint DESCRIPTION eject allows removable m
env 1 env — run a program in a modified environment Synopsis env [OPTION...] [−] [NAME=VALUE...] [ COMMAND [ARG...] ] DESCRIPTION
expand 1 expand — convert tabs to spaces Synopsis expand [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Convert tabs in each FILE to spaces, writin
expr 1 expr — evaluate expressions Synopsis expr EXPRESSION expr OPTION DESCRIPTION −−
factor 1 factor — factor numbers Synopsis factor [NUMBER...] factor OPTION DESCRIPTION Print the prime factors o
fallocate 1 fallocate — preallocate or deallocate space to a file Synopsis fallocate [ −c | −p | −z ] [ −o offset ] −l length [−n] filename
false 1 false — do nothing, unsuccessfully Synopsis false [ignored command line arguments] false OPTION DESCR
fincore 1 fincore — count pages of file contents in core Synopsis fincore [options] file... DESCRIPTION fincore counts pa
flock 1 flock — manage locks from shell scripts Synopsis flock [options] file | directory command [arguments] flock [options] file |
fmt 1 fmt — simple optimal text formatter Synopsis fmt [−WIDTH] [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Reformat each paragraph in the
fold 1 fold — wrap each input line to fit in specified width Synopsis fold [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Wrap input lines
getopt 1 getopt — parse command options (enhanced) Synopsis getopt optstring parameters getopt [options] [−−] optstring p
head 1 head — output the first part of files Synopsis head [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print the first 10 lines of each FILE t
hexdump 1 hexdump — display file contents in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, or ascii Synopsis hexdump [options] file... DESCRIPTI
hostid 1 hostid — print the numeric identifier for the current host Synopsis hostid [OPTION] DESCRIPTION Print the numeric ident
hostname 1 hostname — set or print the name of the current host system Synopsis hostname [NAME] hostname OPTION DE
id 1 id — print real and effective user and group IDs Synopsis id [OPTION...] [USER...] DESCRIPTION Print user and group informati
install 1 install — copy files and set attributes Synopsis install [OPTION...] [−T] SOURCE DEST install [OPTION...] SOURCE... DIRECTORY
intro 1 intro — introduction to user commands DESCRIPTION Section 1 of the manual describes user commands and tools, for example, file manipulation tools, shells, co
ionice 1 ionice — set or get process I/O scheduling class and priority Synopsis ionice [ −c class ] [ −n level ] [−t] −p PID... ionice
ipcmk 1 ipcmk — make various IPC resources Synopsis ipcmk [options] DESCRIPTION ipcmk allows you to create shared memory segmen
ipcrm 1 ipcrm — remove certain IPC resources Synopsis ipcrm [options] ipcrm shm | msg | sem id... DESCRIPTION
ipcs 1 ipcs — show information on IPC facilities Synopsis ipcs [options] DESCRIPTION ipcs shows information on the inter-proce
join 1 join — join lines of two files on a common field Synopsis join [OPTION...] FILE1 FILE2 DESCRIPTION For each pair of input lin
kill 1 kill — terminate a process Synopsis kill [ − signal | −s signal | −p ] [ −q value ] [−a] [−−] pid | name... kill −l [number]
last 1 Name last, lastb — show a listing of last logged in users Synopsis last [options] [ username...
ldapmodify 1 ldapmodify, ldapadd — LDAP modify entry and LDAP add entry tools Synopsis ldapmodify [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−a] [−c] [ −f fil
ldapcompare 1 ldapcompare — LDAP compare tool Synopsis ldapcompare [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−z] [ −M [M] ] [−x] [ −D binddn ] [−W] [ −w passw
ldapdelete 1 ldapdelete — LDAP delete entry tool Synopsis ldapdelete [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−c] [ −f file ] [−r] [ −z sizelimit ] [ −M [M] ]
ldapexop 1 ldapexop — issue LDAP extended operations Synopsis whoami ldapexop [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [ −f file ] [−x] [ −D binddn ] [
ldapmodrdn 1 ldapmodrdn — LDAP rename entry tool Synopsis ldapmodrdn [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−r] [ −s newsup ] [−c] [ −f file ] [ −M [M] ] [
ldappasswd 1 ldappasswd — change the password of an LDAP entry Synopsis ldappasswd [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−A] [ −a oldPasswd ] [ −t oldpas
ldapsearch 1 ldapsearch — LDAP search tool Synopsis ldapsearch [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−c] [−u] [ −t [t] ] [ −T path ] [ −F prefix ] [−A] [
ldapurl 1 ldapurl — LDAP URL formatting tool Synopsis ldapurl [ −a attrs ] [ −b searchbase ] [ −e [!] ext [=extparam] ] [ −E [!] ext [=extparam] ] [
ldapwhoami 1 ldapwhoami — LDAP who am i? tool Synopsis ldapwhoami [ −V [V] ] [ −d debuglevel ] [−n] [−v] [−x] [ −D binddn ] [−W] [ −w passwd ] [ −y passwdfil
link 1 link — call the link function to create a link to a file Synopsis link FILE1 FILE2 link OPTION DESCRIPT
line 1 line — read one line Synopsis line DESCRIPTION The utility line copies one line (up to a newline) from standard input t
ln 1 ln — make links between files Synopsis ln [OPTION...] [−T] TARGET LINK_NAME ln [OPTION...] TARGET ln [OPTION...] TAR
logger 1 logger — enter messages into the system log Synopsis logger [options] [message] DESCRIPTION logger makes entrie
login 1 login — begin session on the system Synopsis login [−p] [ −h host ] [−H] [ −f username | username ] DESCRIPTION login
logname 1 logname — print user_zsingle_quotesz_s login name Synopsis logname [OPTION] DESCRIPTION Print the name of the current user.
look 1 look — display lines beginning with a given string Synopsis look [options] string [file] DESCRIPTION The look
ls 1 ls — list directory contents Synopsis ls [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION List information about the FILEs (the current dire
lscpu 1 lscpu — display information about the CPU architecture Synopsis lscpu [ −a | −b | −c | −J ] [−x] [−y] [ −s directory ] [ −e [=list] | −p [
lsipc 1 lsipc — show information on IPC facilities currently employed in the system Synopsis lsipc [options] DESCRIPTION lsipc
lslogins 1 lslogins — display information about known users in the system Synopsis lslogins [options] [ −s | −u [=UID] ] [ −g groups ] [ −l logins ] [u
lsmem 1 lsmem — list the ranges of available memory with their online status Synopsis lsmem [options] DESCRIPTION The lsmem
mcookie 1 mcookie — generate magic cookies for xauth Synopsis mcookie [options] DESCRIPTION mcookie generates a 128-bit random he
md5sum 1 md5sum — compute and check MD5 message digest Synopsis md5sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check MD5 (128−bit
mesg 1 mesg — display (or do not display) messages from other users Synopsis mesg [option] [ n | y ] DESCRIPTION The mesg
mkdir 1 mkdir — make directories Synopsis mkdir [OPTION...] DIRECTORY... DESCRIPTION Create the DIRECTORY(ies), if they do not alread
mkfifo 1 mkfifo — make FIFOs (named pipes) Synopsis mkfifo [OPTION...] NAME... DESCRIPTION Create named pipes (FIFOs) with the given N
mknod 1 mknod — make block or character special files Synopsis mknod [OPTION...] NAME TYPE [ MAJOR MINOR ] DESCRIPTION Create the spe
mktemp 1 mktemp — create a temporary file or directory Synopsis mktemp [OPTION...] [TEMPLATE] DESCRIPTION Create a temporary file or d
more 1 more — file perusal filter for crt viewing Synopsis more [options] file... DESCRIPTION more is a filter for paging thro
mountpoint 1 mountpoint — see if a directory or file is a mountpoint Synopsis mountpoint [ −d | −q ] directory | file mountpoint −x device
mv 1 mv — move (rename) files Synopsis mv [OPTION...] [−T] SOURCE DEST mv [OPTION...] SOURCE... DIRECTORY mv [OPTION...]
namei 1 namei — follow a pathname until a terminal point is found Synopsis namei [options] pathname... DESCRIPTION name
newgrp 1 newgrp — log in to a new group Synopsis newgrp [group] DESCRIPTION newgrp changes the group identification of its calle
nice 1 nice — run a program with modified scheduling priority Synopsis nice [OPTION] [ COMMAND [ARG...] ] DESCRIPTION Run COMM
nl 1 nl — number lines of files Synopsis nl [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Write each FILE to standard output, with line number
nohup 1 nohup — run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty Synopsis nohup COMMAND [ARG...] nohup OPTION
nproc 1 nproc — print the number of processing units available Synopsis nproc [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION Print the number of proce
nsenter 1 nsenter — run program with namespaces of other processes Synopsis nsenter [options] [ program [arguments] ] DESCRIPTI
numfmt 1 numfmt — Convert numbers from/to human-readable strings Synopsis numfmt [OPTION...] [NUMBER...] DESCRIPTION Reformat NU
od 1 od — dump files in octal and other formats Synopsis od [OPTION...] [FILE...] od [−abcdfilosx...] [FILE] [ [+]OFFSET[.][b] ]
paste 1 paste — merge lines of files Synopsis paste [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Write lines consisting of the sequentially corr
pathchk 1 pathchk — check whether file names are valid or portable Synopsis pathchk [OPTION...] NAME... DESCRIPTION Diagnose inva
pcre2-config 1 pcre2-config — program to return PCRE2 configuration Synopsis pcre2-config [--prefix] [--exec-prefix] [--version] [--libs8] [
pcre2grep 1 pcre2grep — a grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions. Synopsis pcre2grep [options] [long options] [pattern] [path1 path2 ...]
pcre2test 1 pcre2test — a program for testing Perl-compatible regular expressions. Synopsis pcre2test [options] [ input file [ output file ] ]
pg 1 pg — browse pagewise through text files Synopsis pg [−amount] [ −p prompt ] [−cefnrs] [+line] [+/pattern/] [ file... ]
pinky 1 pinky — lightweight finger Synopsis pinky [OPTION...] [USER...] DESCRIPTION −l p
pr 1 pr — convert text files for printing Synopsis pr [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Paginate or columnate FILE(s) for printing
printenv 1 printenv — print all or part of environment Synopsis printenv [OPTION...] [VARIABLE...] DESCRIPTION Print the values of the s
printf 1 printf — format and print data Synopsis printf FORMAT [ARGUMENT...] printf OPTION DESCRIPTION Print ARG
prlimit 1 prlimit — get and set process resource limits Synopsis prlimit [options] [ −−resource [=limits] ] [ −−pid PID ]
ptx 1 ptx — produce a permuted index of file contents Synopsis ptx [OPTION...] [INPUT...] (without -G) ptx −G [OPTION...] [ INPUT [OUTPUT] ]
pwd 1 pwd — print name of current/working directory Synopsis pwd [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION Print the full filename of the current wor
readlink 1 readlink — print resolved symbolic links or canonical file names Synopsis readlink [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION Note
realpath 1 realpath — print the resolved path Synopsis realpath [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION Print the resolved absolute file name; a
rename 1 rename — rename files Synopsis rename [options] expression replacement file... DESCRIPTION rename will rename t
renice 1 renice — alter priority of running processes Synopsis renice [−n] priority [ −g | −p | −u ] identifier... DESCRIPTION
rev 1 rev — reverse lines characterwise Synopsis rev [option] [ file... ] DESCRIPTION The rev utility copies the spec
rm 1 rm — remove files or directories Synopsis rm [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION This manual page documents the GNU version of
rmdir 1 rmdir — remove empty directories Synopsis rmdir [OPTION...] DIRECTORY... DESCRIPTION Remove the DIRECTORY(ies), if they are e
runcon 1 runcon — run command with specified security context Synopsis runcon CONTEXT COMMAND [args] runcon [−c] [ −u USER ] [ −r ROLE ]
runuser 1 runuser — run a command with substitute user and group ID Synopsis runuser [options] −u user [ [−−] command [ argument... ] ]
script 1 script — make typescript of terminal session Synopsis script [options] [file] DESCRIPTION script makes a typescript of
scriptreplay 1 scriptreplay — play back typescripts, using timing information Synopsis scriptreplay [options] [−t] timingfile [ typescript [divisor] ]
seq 1 seq — print a sequence of numbers Synopsis seq [OPTION...] LAST seq [OPTION...] FIRST LAST seq [OPTION...] FIRST INCRE
setpriv 1 setpriv — run a program with different Linux privilege settings Synopsis setpriv [options] program [arguments] DESCRI
setsid 1 setsid — run a program in a new session Synopsis setsid [options] program [arguments] DESCRIPTION setsid runs a
setterm 1 setterm — set terminal attributes Synopsis setterm [options] DESCRIPTION setterm writes to standard output a character
sha1sum 1 sha1sum — compute and check SHA1 message digest Synopsis sha1sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check SHA1 (160
sha224sum 1 sha224sum — compute and check SHA224 message digest Synopsis sha224sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check
sha256sum 1 sha256sum — compute and check SHA256 message digest Synopsis sha256sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check
sha384sum 1 sha384sum — compute and check SHA384 message digest Synopsis sha384sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check
sha512sum 1 sha512sum — compute and check SHA512 message digest Synopsis sha512sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print or check
shred 1 shred — overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally delete it Synopsis shred [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION
shuf 1 shuf — generate random permutations Synopsis shuf [OPTION...] [FILE] shuf −e [OPTION...] [ARG...] shuf −i LO−HI
sleep 1 sleep — delay for a specified amount of time Synopsis sleep NUMBER[SUFFIX]... sleep OPTION DESCRIPTION
sort 1 sort — sort lines of text files Synopsis sort [OPTION...] [FILE...] sort [OPTION...] −−files0−from=F DE
split 1 split — split a file into pieces Synopsis split [OPTION...] [ FILE [PREFIX] ] DESCRIPTION Output pieces of FILE to PREFIXaa,
stat 1 stat — display file or file system status Synopsis stat [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION Display file or file system status.
stdbuf 1 stdbuf — Run COMMAND, with modified buffering operations for its standard streams. Synopsis stdbuf OPTION... COMMAND DESCRIPT
stty 1 stty — change and print terminal line settings Synopsis stty [ −F DEVICE | −−file=DEVICE ] [SETTING...] stty [ −F DEVICE | −−fil
su 1 su — run a command with substitute user and group ID Synopsis su [options] [−] [ user [ argument... ] ] DESCRIPTION s
sum 1 sum — checksum and count the blocks in a file Synopsis sum [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print checksum and block counts
sync 1 sync — Synchronize cached writes to persistent storage Synopsis sync [OPTION] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Synchronize cached
tac 1 tac — concatenate and print files in reverse Synopsis tac [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Write each FILE to standard outpu
tail 1 tail — output the last part of files Synopsis tail [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Print the last 10 lines of each FILE to
taskset 1 taskset — set or retrieve a process_zsingle_quotesz_s CPU affinity Synopsis taskset [options] mask command [ argument... ] tas
tee 1 tee — read from standard input and write to standard output and files Synopsis tee [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Co
timeout 1 timeout — run a command with a time limit Synopsis timeout [OPTION] DURATION COMMAND [ARG...] timeout [OPTION]
test 1 test — check file types and compare values Synopsis test EXPRESSION test [ expression ] [ ]
touch 1 touch — change file timestamps Synopsis touch [OPTION...] FILE... DESCRIPTION Update the access and modification times of eac
tr 1 tr — translate or delete characters Synopsis tr [OPTION...] SET1 [SET2] DESCRIPTION Translate, squeeze, and/or delete charact
true 1 true — do nothing, successfully Synopsis true [ignored command line arguments] true OPTION DESCRIPTIO
truncate 1 truncate — shrink or extend the size of a file to the specified size Synopsis truncate OPTION... FILE... DESCRIPTION Sh
tsort 1 tsort — perform topological sort Synopsis tsort [OPTION] [FILE] DESCRIPTION Write totally ordered list consistent with the pa
tty 1 tty — print the file name of the terminal connected to standard input Synopsis tty [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION Print the fi
ul 1 ul — do underlining Synopsis ul [options] [ file... ] DESCRIPTION ul reads the named files (or standard input i
uname 1 uname — print system information Synopsis uname [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION Print certain system information. With no OPTION, sam
unexpand 1 unexpand — convert spaces to tabs Synopsis unexpand [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION Convert blanks in each FILE to tabs, wr
uniq 1 uniq — report or omit repeated lines Synopsis uniq [OPTION...] [ INPUT [OUTPUT] ] DESCRIPTION Filter adjacent matching lines
unlink 1 unlink — call the unlink function to remove the specified file Synopsis unlink FILE unlink OPTION DESCR
unshare 1 unshare — run program with some namespaces unshared from parent Synopsis unshare [options] [ program [arguments] ] DE
uptime 1 uptime — tell how long the system has been running Synopsis uptime [OPTION...] [FILE] DESCRIPTION Print the current tim
users 1 users — print the user names of users currently logged in to the current host Synopsis users [OPTION...] [FILE] DESCRIPTION
utmpdump 1 utmpdump — dump UTMP and WTMP files in raw format Synopsis utmpdump [options] [filename] DESCRIPTION utmpdump i
uuidgen 1 uuidgen — create a new UUID value Synopsis uuidgen [options] DESCRIPTION The uuidgen program creates (and prints) a new
uuidparse 1 uuidparse — a utility to parse unique identifiers Synopsis uuidparse [options] uuid DESCRIPTION This command wi
vdir 1 vdir — list directory contents Synopsis vdir [OPTION...] [FILE...] DESCRIPTION List information about the FILEs (the current
wall 1 wall — write a message to all users Synopsis wall [−n] [ −t timeout ] [ −g group ] [ message | file ] DESCRIPTION wall
wc 1 wc — print newline, word, and byte counts for each file Synopsis wc [OPTION...] [FILE...] wc [OPTION...] −−files0−from=F
whereis 1 whereis — locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a command Synopsis whereis [options] [ −BMS directory... −f ] name...
who 1 who — show who is logged on Synopsis who [OPTION...] [ FILE | ARG1 ARG2 ] DESCRIPTION Print information about users who are c
whoami 1 whoami — print effective userid Synopsis whoami [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION Print the user name associated with the current effec
write 1 write — send a message to another user Synopsis write user [ttyname] DESCRIPTION write allows you to communicate with o
yes 1 yes — output a string repeatedly until killed Synopsis yes [STRING...] yes OPTION DESCRIPTION Repeatedl
groups 1 groups — print the groups a user is in Synopsis groups [OPTION...] [USERNAME...] DESCRIPTION Print group memberships for each