Name Section info
null 4 null, zero — data sink DESCRIPTION Data written to the /dev/null and /dev/zero special files is discarded. Reads from /dev/null always return end of fi
vcs 4 vcs, vcsa — virtual console memory DESCRIPTION /dev/vcs0 is a character device with major number 7 and minor number 0, usually with mode 0644 and owner
sd 4 sd — driver for SCSI disk drives Synopsis #include <linux/hdreg.h> /* for HDIO_GETGEO */ #include <linux/fs.h> /* for BLKGETSIZE a
cciss 4 cciss — HP Smart Array block driver Synopsis modprobe cciss [ cciss_allow_hpsa=1 ] DESCRIPTION
console_codes 4 console_codes — Linux console escape and control sequences DESCRIPTION The Linux console implements a large subset of the VT102 and ECMA-48/ISO 6429/AN
cpuid 4 cpuid — x86 CPUID access device DESCRIPTION CPUID provides an interface for querying information about the x86 CPU. This device is accessed by lseek(2)
dsp56k 4 dsp56k — DSP56001 interface device Synopsis #include <asm/dsp56k.h> ssize_t read( int fd,
fd 4 fd — floppy disk device CONFIGURATION Floppy drives are block devices with major number 2. Typically they are owned by root:floppy (i.e., user root, gr
full 4 full — always full device CONFIGURATION If your system does not have /dev/full created already, it can be created with the following commands:
fuse 4 fuse — Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) device Synopsis #include <linux/fuse.h> DESCRIPTION This device is the primar
hd 4 hd — MFM/IDE hard disk devices DESCRIPTION The hd* devices are block devices to access MFM/IDE hard disk drives in raw mode. The master drive on the pr
hpsa 4 hpsa — HP Smart Array SCSI driver Synopsis modprobe hpsa [ hpsa_allow_any=1 ] DESCRIPTION hpsa is a SCSI driver for HP
initrd 4 initrd — boot loader initialized RAM disk CONFIGURATION /dev/initrd is a read-only block device assigned major number 1 and minor number 250. Typically
intro 4 intro — introduction to special files DESCRIPTION Section 4 of the manual describes special files (devices). FILES /dev/* — d
mem 4 mem, kmem, port — system memory, kernel memory and system ports DESCRIPTION /dev/mem is a character device file that is an image of the main memory of
lirc 4 lirc — lirc devices DESCRIPTION The /dev/lirc* character devices provide a low-level bidirectional interface to infra-red (IR) remotes. Most of these d
loop 4 loop, loop-control — loop devices Synopsis #include <linux/loop.h> DESCRIPTION The loop device is a block device th
lp 4 lp — line printer devices Synopsis #include <linux/lp.h> CONFIGURATION lp[0–2] are character devices for th
mouse 4 mouse — serial mouse interface CONFIGURATION Serial mice are connected to a serial RS232/V24 dialout line, see ttyS(4) for a description.
msr 4 msr — x86 CPU MSR access device DESCRIPTION /dev/cpu/CPUNUM/msr provides an interface to read and write the model-specific registers (MSRs) of an x86 C
pts 4 ptmx, pts — pseudoterminal master and slave DESCRIPTION The file /dev/ptmx is a character file with major number 5 and minor number 2, usually with mod
ram 4 ram — ram disk device DESCRIPTION The ram device is a block device to access the ram disk in raw mode. It is typically created by:
random 4 random, urandom — kernel random number source devices Synopsis #include <linux/random.h> int ioctl(
rtc 4 rtc — real-time clock Synopsis #include <linux/rtc.h> int ioctl( fd,
wavelan 4 wavelan — AT&T GIS WaveLAN ISA device driver Synopsis insmod wavelan_cs.o [io=B,B..] [ irq=I,I..] [name=N,N..] DESCRIPTION
veth 4 veth — Virtual Ethernet Device DESCRIPTION The veth devices are virtual Ethernet devices. They can act as tunnels between network namespaces to create
tty 4 tty — controlling terminal DESCRIPTION The file /dev/tty is a character file with major number 5 and minor number 0, usually with mode 0666 and ownersh
st 4 st — SCSI tape device Synopsis #include <sys/mtio.h> int ioctl( int fd,
smartpqi 4 smartpqi — Microsemi Smart Family SCSI driver Synopsis modprobe smartpqi [ disable_device_id_wildcards= { 0 | 1 }] [ disable_heartbeat= { 0 | 1 }] [ disable_ctrl
sk98lin 4 sk98lin — Marvell/SysKonnect Gigabit Ethernet driver v6.21 Synopsis insmod sk98lin.o [Speed_A=i,j,...] [Speed_B=i,j,...] [AutoNeg_A=
ttyS 4 Name ttyS — serial terminal lines DESCRIPTION ttyS[0−3] are character devices for the serial terminal lines.